Stephen Cadney makes guitars generally to the principles of Hermann Hauser and to the general model of the great Antonio de Torres and also with reference to the designs and instruction
given by José Luis Romanillos.
His guitars are described as “generating a bright and
focused sound with remarkably little effort from the player.”
(Paul Fowles writing in Classical Guitar magazine of August 2006)
The majority of the world’s best concert guitars of the 20th Century have been made according to the principles of Antonio de Torres. Amongst his followers are numbered Manuel Ramirez, Santos Hernandez, Hermann Hauser, Hernandez y Aguado, Robert Bouchet, Ignacio Fleta,
Daniel Friederich and José Romanillos, who has been one of the most successful makers and researchers in the 20th Century.
Romanillos himself was heavily influenced by the work of both Antonio de Torres (1817 – 92) and Hermann Hauser (1882 – 1952).
Stephen Cadney offers guitars that are the result of his research into guitars of master makers and the behaviour of wood in the construction of classical guitars combined with the instruction by José Romanillos. Each instrument is crafted from the best quality of matured spruce, rosewood, maple and other woods to suit the particular guitar. The decoration is individually made and chosen for each instrument to complement the colour of the wood used.